A few more pictures…


Saturday February 23

Miguel led us on a short trip to the rain forest. It was a wonderful experience and we took a lot of photos of the wonderful scenery (as well as lots of photos of each other!). More goodbyes said at the Iglesia Metodista Unida Los Angeles church, this time to the other mission teams, Miguel and Pastor Edwin.
The words that come to mind about the entire mission trip are “profound joy.” There are so many things we were able to do that brought joy to our hearts:

  • Being allowed to be a part of our homeowners’ lives in helping build their futures
  • Knowing that we were helping with the healing process by hearing stories of loss 
  • Learning about a new culture
  • Making new friends and sharing experiences with each other

Most of all, we had the time and the luxury to talk about how God has been working in our lives and what his purpose is for each of us. We want to use what we’ve learned and experienced to do good in his name.
Thank you — everyone — for your support. We’ve been incredibly blessed to have this experience and we couldn’t have done it without you. 

Friday February 22

After a frenzied morning working to get as much done on our houses as possible, we said sad goodbyes to our foremen. We felt good leaving the houses in better shape than we found them, but it was hard to leave our new friends. 
We ended the evening with a trip to the beach and dinner out, where we celebrated the birthday of one of our translators, Miguel. We also said another goodbye, this time to our other translator Ronaldo.

Thursday February 21

Hola everyone!
   As our Mission Trip to Puerto Rico is winding down, I know God has sent each and every one of us here for a reason, and what a blessing it has been.  Personal blessings for some, and team blessings for all, and from God, who has been with us every step of the way. 
   We have seen God’s love,  not only in the kind and beautiful people of Puerto Rico, but also in the relationships we have formed with other teams serving and then within our own team. We have come together in  Christ’s name to serve. No greater gift we can give to those we serve and to each other, is to love one another. Our prayers have been answered. -Janet

Getting ready for breakfast!
First electricity in 18 months

Wednesday Feb. 20 more photos

tems we found while digging through debris. Notice the “hope” pendant among the little girl items

Janet finishing up the cutting in painting.

Lisa doing an awesome job finishing up the twenty columns.

There were chickens everywhere –
this momma hen likes to be close by – notice one of her 3 chicks on her back. They walked through the paint several times.

A sample of the darling pillowcase dresses the Monticello UMW ladies made that were donated to the church.

Wednesday Feb. 20

The rain showered San Juan off and on during the work day, bringing much needed cool breezes. 

One team was given a wonderful gift. The homeowner, Carmen, gave the women hand knitted purses as a thank you for the team’s hard work. The team agreed that the work itself, and imaging what life will be like for  her in her new home, is payment enough — but the gift was really appreciated.

The send team made a lot of progress, painting and paneling. They were thrilled to meet their project’s caseworker and they expressed their gratitude for getting to work on the house. A hen and her chicks kept them company all day.

The purses homeowner Carmen made for her team.